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Michael Donkor

A writer and lecturer, Michael holds a BA in English Literature and Language from Wadham College Oxford and also has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of London where former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion supervised him. His PGCE in Post-16 Education comes from the world-renowned Institute of Education. He is currently teaching at St Paul's Girls' School in Hammersmith. 
Michael is a highly experienced teacher who has been consistently graded as ‘Outstanding’ since the beginning of his career. Both internal and external inspectors have been impressed by the sense of community and the commitment to achievement he generates in his lessons. Offering individualised support to pupils of all abilities is another of his strengths.
Characterised by a distinctive dedication, Michael has helped students at private schools and state sixth forms - including Graveney School and Esher College - to develop lasting enthusiasm for literature and attain excellent examination results. As well as his good humoured, energetic style, his students benefit from immensely detailed feedback on frequently set essays.
Michael's first novel, Hold, will be published by Fourth Estate in July 2018. 

What Michael's students say about him 

Michael’s teaching is very engaging. The materials he makes and uses are presented so clearly, making tasks and concepts easy to grasp. Also, his feedback is very thorough; he praises the good sections of your work but also makes you understand how to make the weaker parts just as strong. Most importantly, his energy is AMAZING! He is always positive no matter what time of day it is and makes sure you leave the lesson having smiled at least once during the class.
Gloria Ilunga, A2 English Language
Michael was invaluable in helping me achieve my desired grades for English. He understands the needs of individual students and how to get the best possible results out of them.
Ben Robinson, AS English Literature
I never expected to get an A* in English – but with Michael’s help I did just that! Reading has never been my favourite thing but our open group discussions in class and Michael’s enthusiasm and encouragement really helped to convert me!
Etty Stafford, A2 English Literature
English Language is a very applied subject, but could very easily be taught ‘out of a textbook’. Michael’s approach to teaching the subject was excellent, providing us with many ‘real-life’ examples of the theories and language-in-action. This style of teaching allowed us to look beyond the basic curriculum, and actually apply what we were learning to language and communicative styles that we use every day. It was this that inspired me to study Linguistics at Cambridge University.
Michael’s guidance in preparing me for my Cambridge application was vital in making me feel relaxed and more assured in the interview. Providing me with ideas for further reading, engaging in discussions on complex material with me, and giving me a mock interview were brilliant tools that aided both my confidence and knowledge of the subject outside of my A Levels. His commitment to sharpening up my Personal Statement to make it as good as it could be was another aspect of my application that would not have been as strong without his valuable input.
Kieran Daly, A2 English Language and Cambridge Entrance
Michael was an incredible English teacher. In the space of a year my confidence in my abilities and skills multiplied. He encouraged us to really engage with the texts in an imaginative and original way and his passion for literature was infectious. He introduced me to texts I’d never heard of before and still, to this day, go back to and enjoy. During the preparation for exams he was also always there to provide extra support, helping me refine my writing skills and work through the crucial techniques for getting the best grades.
Beth Jamal, AS English Literature